Pros And Cons Of Pod Mods

Pod mods are simple and easy-to-use devices that use cartridges rather than vape tanks. The device is slim and discreet with a rechargeable internal battery, which you can separate from the device for charging. The cartridge clicks on the backside of the device. A few pod mods activate when you inhale, while the remaining have a power button that you need to press while inhaling.

Pod mods versus vape mods

Pod mods are small, easy to set, and convenient. Users prefer pod mods for nicotine intake, whereas vape mods are not convenient for consuming nicotine. Unlike pod mods, vape mods generate huge vapor clouds and the temperature and wattage of the device can be controlled. Nevertheless, pod mods have an auto-firing feature that needs to get pressed every time you desire to take a puff. It is a cost-effective way of vaping in comparison.

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The pod mod device is growing tinier but smarter. It is not capable to generate huge clouds but does have the likelihood to offer satisfaction while vaping your preferred e-juice.

Pros of the pod mod devices

Ideal for discreet vaping

The feeling when you exhale a lot of vapor clouds in the atmosphere is awesome, especially when you compete with your friends or in a group. However, there are moments when you need vaping to be discreet. For example, watching a movie on Prime relaxing on the couch, or while walking across the street with your dog.

Idyllic for beginners

People who wish to quit tobacco smoking can find pod mod a great alternative as the device gives the feel of holding the conventional cigarette. Even when you pull and puff with your mouth, the action makes it precise for beginners who want to switch to a healthy alternative. Besides, vaping is simple, low cost, and trivial maintenance.

Ergonomic design

Pod mods are a scaled-down version of vape devices. They are designed stylishly. The pocket-sized devices are portable and inconspicuous in their output. Therefore, you get your nicotine fix even in public without distracting anyone around or passing by.

Perfect for nicotine salts

Pod mods are a great alternative to draw nicotine salts. Nicotine salts have low pH level than the freebase nicotine and as it is treated with benzoic acid there is no concern about throat irritation. So, you can enjoy high nicotine concentrations without any concerns about throat harshness. Vapers can enjoy great satisfaction as their nicotine cravings get fulfilled.

Cons of the pod mod devices

  • Cartridges cost more than e-juices.
  • Unlike vape pens, the flavor range is limited.
  • Batteries are small as the system is compact, so you need to recharge them frequently [carry a charger, everywhere you travel]

Ultimately, the satisfaction after using the pod mod device is subjective. It depends on personal needs and taste. First-time vapers can enjoy pod mods just like veterans if their main criteria include ease of use and nicotine strength.

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