How You Can Own Gaming Computer At Lower Cost

Video games are becoming more and more familiar these days, while people prefer PlayStations and other heavy gaming machines, some people still like to play high graphics games on computers. Today, high-end games are being released day after day, these high graphics and demanding video games require high-end computer hardware as well. while many people […]

Nintendo Goes Well Offer Games On Smartphones And Tablets

Good news for fans of video game players on mobiles! Nintendo has announced an agreement with Japanese mobile developer DeNA and this partnership is far from trivial because it explicitly allows this company to operate all licenses of the Japanese giant. No doubt, our lives are going to take a whole new turn. The Japanese […]

Pokemon Go Proves That Augmented Reality Gaming Is The Future Of The Gaming

Pokemon go proves that augmented reality gaming is the future of the gaming. The sales figures have more or less confirmed that. This is a game that crossed the threshold of ten million downloads worldwide faster than any otherĀ mobile gameĀ at any other point in time. There is no telling how successful other virtual reality or […]